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What to expect during escrow Your guide to escrow success! Congrats, you’ve made it to the finish line of the home-buying process! The buyer, seller, and any other necessary parties have come to a settlement. You’re officially in escrow – but now what? You should know that escrow doesn’t happen

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Women Need to Take Charge of Their Money Why do so many of us delegate financial responsibilities to others?    Are you one of the growing number of women handling their own finances or do you prefer to leave that aspect of your life in the hands of someone else?

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Your Financial To-Do List 8 Essentials to consider yearly Managing your finances can be an overwhelming task, but is critical when it comes to maintaining your financial health.  As your life evolves, so does the extent to which you need to keep track of your financial health. In an effort to

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The Brexit Shakes Global Markets  A worldwide selloff occurs after the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union. A wave of anxiety hit Wall Street Friday morning. Thursday night, the United Kingdom elected to become the first nation state to leave the European Union. The “Brexit” can potentially be

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Anyone who has an estate should consider creating an estate plan. Beyond a will which states what you would like to have happen with your assets, an estate plan organizes and provides what is necessary to actually make those things happen. 
What is included in my estate? Yes. Your estate

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How To Make Your Move As Effortless As Possible The act of relocating can entail numerous moving parts (literally) and an extended checklist. In hopes of alleviating some of your stress leading up to moving day, we have prepared this simple guide to get you ready two months out! Tackling

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Stock Options Explained Canter Wealth is teaming up with TriVant Custom Portfolio Group to deliver a series of informative documents and  blog posts to lay out the fundamentals of stock option agreements and how best to take advantage of them! Download the full webinar here Here, we dissect the Grant Sheet. An

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Stock Options Explained What kind of stock option are you being offered and how does that have an effect on your taxes? It is likely you are confronted with a Non-Qualified Stock Option (NQO) if you are an employee or an incentive stock option (ISO) if you are an executive.

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Stock Options Explained Whether you hold non-qualified stock options (NQOs) or incentive stock options (ISOs), BEWARE! There are unfavorable outcomes caused by one or both of the following: The stock price goes down after your stock options are exercised (NQOs and ISOs) You do not consider Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

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5 Questions To Ask Your Employer About Your Stock Options Plan 
Our best advice when deciphering your stock options plan? Go straight to the source! In order to make an informed decision about your options, you need to go into a meeting with your employer armed with the right questions.

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